Pocket Luach Deluxe - The Jewish Calendar (siddur, zmanim) App Reviews

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What is with the Chabad stuff?

It seemed useful, but there is all this mandatory Chabad things that you cannot get rid of without losing important things like Pesach. Who cares about Schneersohns Yahrzeit (although at least that admits he is dead)


This app is not ready for public release.


This is a complicated app to follow. All I wanted was a download of the next weeks Haftorah and it appears impossible to find.

Great app

Very comprehensive.


Great app especially with local times. Just one thing. On Rosh Chodesh and Chol Ha Moed can the special additions to the Amidah and Birkat Hamazon etc show up differently so we dont forget them?


This is a great app. You can lookup any date in the past and future.

Pocket Luach Deluxe V2 has it all

This new version has many great features. All the important events during the days are shown. You are able to view by day, week and list view. You can add Yahrtzeits, Anniversaries, Birthdays etc. There is an ability to change the text size for those of us who need larger test sizes. Alerts can be sent from the application. Definitely worth the purchase price.


This app keeps crashing! Please update it. 


for those of us needing to keep both calendars straight this does the job well.

English Translation of the Prayers

I think that app. is great! My partner is Jewish, and Im seeking to understand the faith a bit more. Even though Im Christian, I respect and admire the Jewish faith, deeply. An English translation for the prayers would be fantastic!! For those of us who were not brought up Jewish, a translation would help us to understand things a bit better. Thank you for making this app.! I think it is great for people who are Jewish, and with an added translation of prayers, it could help those of us who seek to understand Judaism, more.

Save your money

What a waste if money. Cant save yahrtzeit dates from past events without application closing. When trying to edit event, it insists it is anniversary. Save button is grayed out Bought this instead if Lite version because of this feature but feel ripped off. Plan to delete. Found a Windows program that performs this functionality into Outlook that actually works. Sorry I didnt find it earlier and saved time and $. Loser application!!!

Works Great & is Extremely Useful

All bugs are fixed in the newest version. This app is fantastic and tells me everything I need to know. Its worth buying but if you dont want to buy deluxe, then buy the regular because this is a great app. The previous reviews were from the older version which had many problems. Support them by buying this app and they will make it even more useful (like adding english translation as someone previously stated).


Great calendar. Except, when I try to set the time for Shabbos ending based on degrees and not minutes, it does not use degrees. I set Shabbos to end at 8 degrees and it tells me Shabbos ends 8 minutes after sunset.

wrong time of Shabbat end

Calendar doesnt show right time of Shabbat end! I dont understand why author doesnt fix it!

Hidden agenda

Built-in and seemingly unremoveable in this calendar are the dates of birth and death of the 7 rebbes of Lubavitch, the days they were released from prison, their wedding anniversaries, and the yahrtzeit of rebbetzin Chaya Mousaka. These events are so embedded that they occur even in the years before the person was born. Kislev 19 ("Yud-Tess Kislev" ) is noted as "Rosh Hashanah of Chassidut." On the positive side, no meshichist leanings have been found (i.e. the last Rebbe has a yahrtzeit). And to think I bought this one instead of the one from Colel Habad. As a calendar app, it would be nice to find an Jewish calendar app that was fully integrated.

I love the new version (2.08)

This new version is great! It fixes all the previous problems but it also adds a bunch of new features. As always, the author did not list all the improvements this update contains. It is up to us, the users, to discover all the neat features. For instance, I noticed that on the week view or the list view, pressing the date on the left will displays the next 10 years of that day. Pressing in the center (where the date description is) will display the zmanim for that day. And pressing the picture on the right displays a detailed description of the day. For the price, this is the best!

Sleek and functional

This is a great local app that delivers exactly was it says does. It give you the ability to add user based dates. The app is stable and runs efficiently. The times of day calculations are very helpful and detailed. You can switch between views. The app has an excellent export feature that allows you to extract just about anything and have it loaded into your iPhone or desktop calendar app. All in all its a simple app that delivers lots of functionality with simplicity. I strongly recommend this app for anyone that cares about Jewish dates.

Worst app ever!

Wont even load without timing out!


Just want a place for events based on Jewish calendar. Either it does not work or I can not figure out how to set and display events.


All I wanted was a Hebrew calendar and a place to store yarzeit dates. Its impossible to find where to add yarzeit dates and burdensome to even go to a specific date. Application has crashed multiple times. Wish Penticon would come up with iPhone version of its Centro Luach application. That was worth its weight in gold.

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